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Essential Nutrition

Essential Nutrition refers to the necessary and efficient contribution of the nutritional elements that your crop needs for proper development.

Essential Nutrition

Technological complexes

Through optimal and innovative processes and high-quality noble raw materials, they ensure large active surface areas, high nutrient solubility, ease of application, uniform distribution and zero segregation of components during transport, storage and application.

They furthermore increase fertilisation efficiency:

  1. Minimising nutrient losses due to volatilisation, washing or retrogradation.
  2. Mobilising nutrients present in the rhizosphere.
  3. Increasing soil biological activity. Improving soil structure (porosity, permeability and aeration).

Modular fertilisers

These are Modular fertilisers manufactured by homogeneous combination of our Complex Technological Compacted Fertilisers with high quality raw materials, guaranteeing the effectiveness of all formulas. The use of an INNOVATIVE industrial process allows the combination of different technologies to improve the efficiency of the fertilisers obtained, resolving specific demands for crops and soils.


Foliar fertilisers

Range of foliar fertilisers which stand out for their efficiency and performance, while also ensuring easy and convenient handling. EUe® Technology, developed for this family of solutions, is specific to foliar applications and enhances rapid adsorption through leaves and immediate vascular translocation to plant organs.

The GLER range of foliar solutions stands out for excellent adsorption capacity in the leaf and rapid translocation to the plant organs. It is also highly soluble even with cold water for solid formulas.


Root fertilisers

GREI solutions help improve crop yields and are an indispensable tool in crop management:

  • Reduce the effects of related physical diseases with nutritional imbalances.
  • Influence water balance regulation in the plant.

The solutions included in this family include AP® Technology, a product of our R&D department. This is a naturally derived concentrate rich in betaines and polyols.


Liquid fertilisers

The YDRAH fertiliser range is a clear example of liquid efficiency, offering great advantages:

  • Operation is fully mechanical in the case of liquids, which can speed up tasks.
  • Great performance and great consistency on the ground.
  • Great versatility, tailored to the crop, complete solutions for both macro and micro elements.

The main technological advance in the YDRAH range is based on the incorporation of MBC® Technology (Patent MBC WO2014020187 A1 – Growth inducer for use in agriculture), which grants ownership of intensified efficiency fertilisers.


Water-soluble fertilisers

Range of fertilisers made from high-quality raw materials ensuring maximum solubility and nutrient availability.


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