DF Innova was set up in 2017 response to the current demand for biotechnological, sustainable and efficient fertilisers. . We are the technological outbreak of DF Grupo, which provides us with the strength we need to keep growing day after day.

Our Group has been a leader in the agrochemical sector since 1978. It has factories and logistics centres located throughout the national territory, bases in Western Europe and Africa, and strategic alliances in major port cities. It has a production capacity of 180,000 tons per year and a unique commercial network; without a doubt, we have the ideal substrate for growth..

In the 1980s, Grupo DF led a small
revolution in the world of fertilisers.

Forty years later, we are doing it again:
the gene for change is as alive now as it was then.

Technology and, Above All,


Shared vision

The same entrepreneurial spirit, shared values and the fostering of talent allow our Group to generate value every day. We are a benchmark in the sector and do our best to maintain our leading position.


Our know-how and professionalism with our customers and suppliers place us in the position we deserve to be in. We are committed to them and to satisfying their needs every day, generating solid relationships based on trust.

Efficiency and sustainability

We make sure to take care of every single resource because we appreciate their value. That’s why we continuously pursue efficiency and try to improve each process by allocating the most appropriate resources and managing them in the most productive way.

The Human Side of Science

Our Team

At DF Innova, e’ve singled out technology as our main value, but we also believe in the human factor when it comes to taking things even further. That’s why we promote a team culture and shared values: closeness, friendliness, passion, commitment…; only in this way have we been able to create the solid team that we are today.

Management and the sales department; area managers, administration and heads of marketing; regional directors and delegates: we are all moving in the same direction and give our work a unique meaning.

Today we are a young
and strongly cohesive team
with important projects for the future.

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