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DFINNOVA is a company founded in 2017, offering its clients a wide range of technological solutions, including complete nutrition and biostimulation programmes, allowing their crops to achieve maximum productive yields.

Our exclusive dedication to the production and marketing of new-generation, biotechnological, sustainable and efficient fertilisers, is the result of intense and demanding research projects and adaptation to the needs of farmers, their crops, climate conditions, soil and phenological phases.


We have our own R&D+i department,
which strives every day to optimise our
technological solutions and production processes.
To achieve this, we work with
research platforms and public and private universities,
and apply well-established patents and industrial processes
to our products, to deliver greater returns.


Commitment to permanence and leadership

                TALENT & KNOWLEDGE

Integration with customers and suppliers

Austerity and Efficiency                

          Ability to absorb change

          Capacidad de asimilar el cambio


A youthful, closely knit team
with big projects ahead of them

Our team

The human side of science: our teams are the core value in
pushing science further. A team of distributors, technicians,
commercial, administrative and industrial operators, dedicated and
passionate people all pulling in the same direction.

A crop. A need. A solution

crop > need > solution

We are able to offer you a wide range of Technological Solutions aligned with your needs, thanks to our philosophy:

in our customers and suppliers,
so as to meet their needs.

that fosters talent and helps us improve day by day.

We appreciate the value of every resource,
whether our own or someone else’s, material or human.

All of which allows us to present you with a catalogue of
which will undoubtedly by enriched by your contributions.

DFGRUPO guaranteed

DFGRUPO, Nourishing the Future

Behind DFINNOVA lies the support, experience and leadership of DFGRUPO, a leading fertiliser marketing company in Spain and Portugal. Founded in 1978, it undertakes all processes in the fertiliser value chain, from imports and internal production, to logistical activities such as storage, packaging, treatment, marketing and distribution of the product for delivery to the customer.

DFGRUPO comprises a group of companies specialising in the fertiliser trade in Spain, France, Portugal, Angola, Morocco and Algeria, with factories and logistics centres throughout the Iberian Peninsula, Morocco and Angola, and strategic alliances at the main port facilities. It also markets its products in countries such as Mozambique, Cape Verde, Lebanon and Italy.