The support, capacity and experience of DF GRUPO allows us to dedicate our work almost exclusively to research, with total independence.

Our technologies have been created taking into account the particularities of the different plantings, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of crop health and with unconditional respect for the environment.

All this work gives us constant advances and several patented technologies and processes, to this day:

AFF technology, composed of organic and inorganic molecular groupings of biological origin that activate the absorption and mobilization of nutrients in the soil. In addition, they protect the fertilizers provided, prevent nutrient losses and maximize efficiency in fertilization. 

NSR technology, responsible for the protection and efficiency of the Nitrogen provided. Prepared to meet the needs of crops in their different phenological states. Its molecules improve and extend the availability of Nitrogen for cultivation, increase its incorporation into the soil and limit losses by volatilization and / or washing. 

ArN technology, an organic mobiliser of biological origin designed to increase production. This organic complex is rich in carboxylic acids, sugar-alcohols, vitamins and plant hormones that activate the absorption and mobilisation of nutrients in the soil, while protecting the applied fertilisers

iPF technology, designed from natural organic substances, rich in polyphenols and plant hormones that favour the absorption and translocation of nutrients. In addition, it facilitates the supply of the exact amount of nutrients, protects the cell wall of the plant and facilitates its adaptation to abiotic stress, thus allowing for harvest optimisation.

EUe technology, a naturally sourced organic enhancer that increases the availability and mobility of nutrients within the plant and also stimulates its metabolic and immune systems. This molecule increases absorption and facilitates the entry of nutrients through the leaves.

AdV technology, metabolism activator, photosynthesis, nutrient absorption and amplifier of plant defenses that provides protection and optimal growth.

Developments with microorganisms, a biostimulant enriched with macronutrients that a biostimulant enriched with micronutrients (NPK, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and pigments, among others) that takes advantage of the nutritional benefits of algae. Easy to apply and compatible with other phytosanitary products

If you can think it, it can be done: for DF Innova, every day is a new challenge. And whenever there’s a need to be addressed or a way to be more efficient, then there is certainly more work to be done. .

We have the mindset,
and we also have the means.

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